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GPM Exclusive interview: Why celebrities marry for the wrong reasons- Yvonne Jegede

In this interview with GOLDENPEARLMEDIA, Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede who is newly engaged to late Bukky Ajayi's son, Abounce, shares her love story and causes of the rampant celebrity marriage crisis rocking the entertainment industry.

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How was the year 2016 for you generally?
Well, it wasn’t bad. We thank God and looking forward to a better 2017. Although, the recession didn’t make it easy for us at all, but we are strong soldiers, we will always overcome. This New Year has also been so good so far. It is only by God’s grace.

Any plans to have your own movie soon?
Well, not yet, but I have been very busy working on other people’s project. I have been on set, shooting here and there. So, plans are underground for my own movies, pretty soon.

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What is the most challenging role you have played in recent time?

There is this epic move I did in Asaba where the character I played lost her husband and she had to go through mourning for years. I had to cry literally half way through the film .It was emotionally challenging for me. I had not cried that much in a long time. There were some scenes that even after we finished shooting and I was still crying, but I had to snap out of it in order to be able to act the next scene.

So how did you manage to do that, since you were very emotional?
As an actor, you have to be in control of yourself and always be ready for any eventuality. I just did what I had to do and I was back to my real self.

You’ll soon get married; will that limit the kind of roles you play in movies?
No! Why would it? My husband is also an actor, so he understands. He knows the business, so I don’t have restrict myself from roles. Life has been made easy for me.

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When he proposed to you, last year, what was your immediate reaction, did you see it coming?
I don’t like talking about my private relationships that was why nobody knew about it, until it happened. I love my privacy a whole lot.

Why did you hide the love affair for so long?
I don't like talking about my relationship. I love my privacy. We are already a public figure, so we need to be more careful with our private lives and relationship.

But you showoff sometimes on social media, why?
Well, that is just pictures. It was after he proposed that I started putting up our pictures on social media.
You don’t expect me to write down my whole history on social media, just because I want to show off. Like this is what we ate today, this is where we are living; my husband is going to wear a white shirt to work, etc. You don’t expect me to write all that online, do you? I just post pictures and people can assume whatever they like.

What has your new status changed about you?
Nothing has changed really but clearly I have lived alone for almost all my life, now I have someone and we live together. It is totally different.
Now, I'm in a relationship. I have to be wife and I won't have to talk to the four walls of the room anymore. I have someone to share my life with, so I have more activities around me. It makes a lot of difference.
To be very honest, when you are single or you live alone, it is a very lonely life. Now, I’m getting to love and appreciate my new status better.

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What does love mean to you?
Love is everything. Love is me, it’s you, and it’s all of us. God is love.
Have you cried for love?
Yes, I have, but it was all in the past. But, I have since moved on.

What is craziest thing you have done for the one you love?
(Laughs), so, I will now come and tell you abi? Nooooo (general laughter)

Lots of your colleagues have suffered marriage breakups in recent time, what do you think is the cause?
People need to go into marriage with a mindset of for better, for worse, and then you prepare your mind to make it work. It's not like buying a house you can resell or a dress you can change if it doesn't suit you anymore, it's far beyond that. When you're married, you should be ready to share your body, soul and all of you with your partner.
I don't think lack of humility is the cause of celebrity marriage crisis, I think it's because they married for the wrong reasons.
However, there are lots of other things that cause major breakups in marriages.

Do you have fears for yours?
No! I don’t. Not at all.

What is your definition of a sexy woman?
My definition of a sexy woman has to do with the mind. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. There are some girls that don’t look like it, but when they walk into a room you have to turn because the confidence goes before them. For me sexiness is confidence. Some are so pretty, but they don’t have self-confidence, they are always comparing themselves to others.

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