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Exclusive photos of Nollywood actress that wants to sleep with Pete Edochie by all means

Nigeria-based Liberian Nollywood actress, Blessing Brown, has revealed just how much she is in love with veteran actor, Pete Edochie.


In a chat with RITA OKOYE, she said marrying an older man is key as they are blessed with a wealth of experience.

In her words “Since I was a child I have been crushing ‎on him. I still look forward to seeing myself in the arms of Pete Edochie. I don’t mind the fact that he is married; he is my dream husband. I like the way he talks, walks and acts.

Nobody else can substitute him in my life right now. Not even his younger version, Yul Edochie; he doesn’t entice me. All I want is Pete and not his sons or look alike! I love him regardless of his age. Older men make good husbands.

Age is just a number. If I love a 70-year old man, I don’t see why I shouldn’t marry him. I don’t have time for small boys still running around and wearing studs in their ears with lots of chains hanging around their necks.”

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