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Buhari's health conditions: Dede Mabiaku, Femi Adeshina slug it out

Over the present state of President Buhari's health, President Buharii's death rumours and other issues affecting Nigerians, it was a heated debate all through the over one hour duration of the argument between Special Assistant to the President on Media, Mr. Femi Adeshina and Musician/activist, Dede Mabiaku.


Ably anchored by pretty Faith Dafe on Lagos Talks 91.3 this afternoon, the questions bothered on a number of issues including the current state of health of Mr. President among other national issues.

Adeshina did his best possible to assuage the feelings of Nigerians concerning the intentions of PMB on their welfare and assured that at the end of their tenure Nigerians will be better for it. Dede who had previously uploaded a video via saharatv and criticized the governance of PMB including the affluence of her wedding went for the jugular, all the same, they agreed that the interest of the country comes first.
Answering the first question on the slow like administration of PMB, his medical trip, policies, prisoners held and Kaduna Killings, Adeshina has this to say:
“When you elected an administration, there is a period that it will serve for. It has four years to do all that it promised to do. He has told everybody that his agenda is to deal with security, corruption and agriculture. Two others are going on. All the stories you are hearing are nothing to it. The president is fine. He went on medical vacation and from there he went on a medical trip. People have lied to them in the past and they are used to that. That is why people believe anything.
There was a response to the Kaduna killings. The police which is a federal institution likewise the army have responded. The governor who is the chief security officer of the state is in touch with Mr. President. They have done what should be done. Every president has his template of working with. He has ordered the military in but some people willy nilly just closed their minds. There is nobody held that is without a case, the attorney general has to explain that.
Dede: “There are certain things that are supposed to be accepted. The Nigerian state is in turmoil. We are talking about an octogenarian who calls himself a liar, if an octogenarian tells a lie, tells another lie what do you make out of it? We are one family. I’m not talking of the president as one person. They all travel out for medical treatment and then build credible hospitals.”
Femi-“Talk is the easiest thing to say. Lai is not an octogenarian, he is 65 years. The president has said it repeatedly that he knows what Nigerians are going through. I had visited Mr. President one night and told him what Nigerians are passing through, he told me he knows. And he said he is working assiduously in his own way.
Dede – What is in the case of Zahrah’s wedding, Buhari is the father of the nation. What you do matters!
Femi- “Pictures are deceptive. In the case of Zahrah’s engagement, I was the master of ceremonies. It was modest for a sitting president. This president does not lie to his people.
Dede –“Nigerians are in pains, many of the states do not have medical centres. You drive your luxurious cars about, you don’t know what is going on?
Femi-“I drive a Peugeot 407 in Abuja left by my predecessor while in Lagos I drive a pajero jeep. In 2015, N400m was voted to change the presidents cars but he cancelled it as he insists that the former ones were still available and in good use. The ones bought for other presidents are their entitlements.”
My job as a spokesman is to inform the country about government’s policies and directions and we must defend the president when necessary.
What about power? Asked Dede, Femi says, “Idle people magnify these things. As at February last year, we had about 4, 770mega watts which is a record in Nigeria, the following week, some people began to bomb.
Dede – “Now Fashola is a damn good person, he made himself a hero in Lagos, I was with his younger brother, Deji at a bar someday when light went off and somebody insulted Fashola, Deji was totally shocked. What is Fashola’s business as a lawyer with light? There are so many active great technocrats that can be used to achieve our problems. The civil service is evil. They ate the ones that corrupt ministers. Now to Cabinet reshufflement are we expecting any?
Femi- “When a person assembles a cabinet, he is the best person to disassemble them if he feels they are not working with his vision
On protest, Femi Femi said: “It is impossible for 180m people to think in one direction. There are some people who are still in that election mood of 2015. Majority of them have refused not to say anything good. Another set are permanent critics. Some want to lead the president by the nose. Policy has gestation period. We need time for all those things to yield fruit.”
Dede- “You must listen to the people!”
Femi-“ Before our tenure expires our plans will be accomplished!”


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