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7 Ways to identify a Boko Haram member -Army says

Following the new strategy explored by Islamic sect, Boko Haram; Nigerian Army has revealed in details how to identify one in-order to curb their attacks on innocent people.
Speaking on ChannelsTV, Spokesman of the Nigerian Army, Brigadier General Sani Usman alleged that terrorists, forced out of their enclaves, have taken to attacking soft targets, mostly with suicide bombers who are more of young females.

His words; “Terrorists are normal human beings that mingle with the public. Whenever you are coupling an IED about 10 other persons will be in the chain of it.

“If the public are more vigilant, they will notice something amiss.

“When you see somebody buying bells of nails and you know for sure he does not have the capacity to buy that quantity of nails and you know him very well to the point that he is not embarking on a building project, then something is wrong.

“Sometime, you will see somebody in the night moving about when every other normal human being is sleeping or somebody, wearing a winter coat when actually it is so hot.

“His mode of dressing is so awkward that you will think that you are in a winter society. In most cases they are odd.

“They know the mode of dressing of people within a locality and that, a soldier posted to the area, may not know. They can identify when there is something strange about a person’s dress.

“It is very important that we involve the people that are on ground,” he added.

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