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Singer, BlackFace finds true love after wife abandoned him, runs away with kids (Photos)

Blackfaze, was dumped few years back by his ex-wife when the going was really tough. She left him and took their two kids; a boy and girl.

Now he is fully back in the music circles and has found love again. The excited, music star gushed over his new lover on Instagram.

"Sometimes you find someone who sticks by you through the ups and the downs and some stick by you only when you can afford to give them what ever they want and whenever they demand whatever but this lady right here has been by my side through thick and thin and supported my notions and drive when nobody believed in me anymore 

Thank you for being a friend unconditionally @marthaadama
Love you scatter my sweet heart
#complimentsoftheseason #merryxmas
Wishing you everything great the coming year and God bless you big." he captioned the photo above.

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