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Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna won't spend Xmas with his wife, son as he grabs Dorco endorsement

Popular Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna is all excited and smiling to the bank, pretty after he got himself a multi-million Naira endorsement deal with Dorco shaving sticks, but sadly, he won’t be spending the festive period with his sexy wife and son.
In a chat with Goldenpearlmedia at his unveiling party at Oriental Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos, the actor cum model stated that as much as he is excited with his new feat, he is also not happy he won’t be celebrating the much anticipated festive season with his family.
Hear him: “I’m happy, I’m elated and richer; I’m smiling to the bank. The year 2016 is ending on a very good note. I am excited to associate with Dorco brand that reflects my image. I have been using the product for a long time and it’s been wonderful. It doesn’t give me bumps or scratches. Generally, I’m happy things are working well for me this year.
But sadly, my wife is not in town. She travelled with my son to Serbia for the Yuletide. I miss her so much, she’s my soul mate. I miss her early morning prayers for me, although I believe she still prayers for me wherever she is. I miss her smile, my presence, in fact everything about her. I would have gone with her, but I have loads of works here piled up here in Nigeria."
Wondering if his wife’s absence would give Ogbonna the room to gallivant about town with pretty female fans and cheat on his wife, the Abia State father of two quickly counters such impression.
"I have seen it all. I did all sorts of things as a young man during the days I was a bachelor. I have passed through life which moulded me to the man I am today. I’m now more responsible. So, why what would I be looking for in another woman that my wife doesn’t have or that I can’t wait for. Sonia completes me. We are so committed to each other, I know she can’t cheat on me and I can’t do same either," he said.

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