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Emmanuel Ikubuse, actor/ex-Mr Nigeria, tells GPM why he can't date older woman

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After his sexually explicit role in Mo Abudu’s blockbuster movie, fifty, former Mr. Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese was easily perceived as a gigolo. But that is quite far from his true personality.
During a chat with Goldenpearlmedia, the model cum actor disclosed that he would never date, marry or have anything sexually to do with older women.
Hear him: “No I can't! It can't even happen. I can't do that. They don’t appeal to me at all. Although, I don't think love is about age, as long as two people understand and love each other, and willing to be together; age shouldn't be an obstacle. Once there's love, respect and communication, then they are good to go.
“But personally, I don't think I can do it. Maybe someone that I am older than by two or three years, that's the much I can do. I'm not against those that date or marry younger lovers; it's all about choice after all.”
Speaking about his most embarrassing moments with female fans, Ikubuse says: “I have lots of female fans, and most times when they see me, they just jump up to me and give me a kiss right in the public glare. But I just can't embarrass them because they love me for what I do.
“Some also send me private messages on social media. I do get that a lot, but not nude pictures. I don't think any female fan in her right senses would want to send me a nude picture. I know they do send but not to people like me. My image is not that corrupt for someone to try such.”

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