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Awkward moment groom wears wedding gown to the ceremony (Photos)

Ou Quian and her groom, Wu Shuai had an unconventional wedding. They both decided to swap attires because Wu Shuai, the bride felt she would appear too fat in her wedding gown.

So to show support for his bride-to-be, Wu wore her dress to the ceremony while the bride appeared in a black tuxedo and sunglasses. Since the bride’s father was late, she didn’t want anyone else to walk her down the aisle.

Speaking to People’s Daily Online, Mr Wu disclosed why he wore a wedding gown to the ceremony:

“She thinks she is too chubby now and she won’t look good in a wedding dress. So she suggested me wear the dress whereas she will be in suit.’

”On such a special occasion, I wish to express our willingness to put ourselves into each other’s shoes by exchanging the roles, it’s the correct attitude in marriage.

”I wish that we can consider each other’s point of view for the rest of our lives.”

The unconventional wedding was held at a hotel in the Shunqing district of Nanchong city on December 10.

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