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Nigerian lawyers threatens to sue University of Oxford over wrong dictionary definition.

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Some Nigerian lawyers have issued a notice of intention to sue the University of Oxford, over the alleged wrong definition of words "Mortgagee and Mortgagor".
The said words are as contained in the Oxford mini reference dictionary and Oxford English mini dictionary.
The lawyers, Messrs Ogedi Ogu, and Emmanuel Ofoegbu Esq. in a notice of intention to sue addressed to the Registrar, University of Oxford, Wellington, London, are demanding the sum of 1 million pounds for the losses they suffered in their transactions, when they relied on the said wrong definition of the words.
Specifically, the lawyers assert that the Oxford English mini dictionary and the Oxford mini reference dictionary defined the word "Mortgagee" to mean a borrower and the word "Mortgagor to mean a lender.
They further assert that the said dictionary definitions are wrongful and misleading as in a Mortgage transaction, the word "Mortgagee" connotes a lender while a "Mortgagor signifies a borrower.
Consequently, the lawyers are demanding that the University of Oxford pays to them the sum of 1 million pounds for the wrong definitions of words in the said dictionaries for which they acted to their own detriment.
In addition, they demand that the University of Oxford and Oxford University press, issues a world wide notice of the errors complained of within seven days from the date of the said notice.
The said notice was conveyed to the Registrar of the University of Oxford on Nov. 9, 2016.


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