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"If I catch him anywhere near my Rihanna, he will not like it"- Ruggedman threatens Don Jazzy over love for Rihanna

It so obvious that Don Jazzy is not the only Nigerian artiste crushing on Rihanna, Ruggedman has openly confessed that he loves her as much or even more than Don Jazzy.

In a recent interview with KFB, Ruggedy baba as he fondly called reveals why he is still unmarried: "Well, marriage will happen when it will happen. Marriage is not a fashion statement that everybody wants to join the trend. You don't get married because people are getting married or get married because people asked you do, you get married. I keep saying parents should not force their children to get married because it's part of what causes domestic violence in homes of nowadays."

On whether he is in support of what Flavour said about marriage slowing the progress of artistes, he said: "Well, that's Flavour not Ruggedman. I don't know about that one, but I know i'll get married when the right time comes. If you do things right, marriage wouldn't be a barrier to your music or whatever thing you are doing. I'll not lie to you, I know a lot of artistes that got married and it slowed their career so much. But they are still those who got married and they are still doing their thing. It's all left to you and how you manage your marriage and career. I'll always advice that one should marry his or her best friend, it helps a lot."

When asked if he is presently in a relationship, Ruggedman said: " I don't want to talk about my private life, I want it to remain private."

And if he is scared of talking about it or scared of commitment: "No! Marriage is nothing one should be scared about. It should only be done at the right time. Some people, when they see their soul mates, they just can't wait to get married to them.
That's how it should be, but when you are having second thoughts, then calm down, check yourself make sure you are doing the right thing. Everybody can paint a picture of their ideal woman but nobody knows who he would fall in love with.

Asked if he is love right now, he replied: Yes! I'm in love with Rihanna.

When he was reminded that Don Jazzy is also in love with her..., he said: Who's Don Jazzy, he better stay clear, if I catch him anywhere near my Rihanna, he will not like it (laughs)"

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