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Shocking! 50 Cent, D’banj Fight Over Popular Nigeria Singer

The Trio
What could be going on in the mind of popular American rapper, Curtis James Jackson a.k.a 50 Cent as he was recently caught crushing openly on charming Nigerian songstress, Ada Jane Okwori popularly known as Imelda J.
Call it mere ‘infatuation’ or “social media madness”, you may not be wrong, but the New York-based rapper cum businessman publicly confessed his love for the Nigerian Afro pop star.....continue
on his Instagram page when he responded to her comment on his page to the consternations of his ten million followers. “I love you back @imeldajmusic”, 50 Cent said with ecstasy. Basking in the euphoria of new found love, Imelda J in return posted on her Instagram and Facebook pages that she admires the American rapper a lot. “People, @50 Cent just made my day. I’m blushing right now. He is a legend with a large heart. He is so humble and talented. That’s why I will respect him for life. I admire him a lot. Plenty kisses up in the air for you. You are very humble”, Imelda J screamed. Before now, the award-winning singer is said to have made some incredible appeal to the American rapper to revisit the country again, after he was in Nigeria for the first time during the Star Mega Jam in 2004. Apparently, many fans have expressed fears that this latest crush on 50 Cent, may pose a serious threat to the smooth feelings that have been angling between Imelda J and Koko master, D’banj.

The Benue State- born singer also has a crush on D’banj. At one time, she was captured through the paparazzi’s lens as the ‘Lady in Red’ at D’banj birthday party in Abuja recently. With 50 Cent already falling heels over in love with her, it goes to ask if Imelda J still has any soft spot in her heart for our Koko Master? We won’t be surprised if 50 Cent flies into the country any time soon to ask for Imelda J’s hands in marriage. Who knows!

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