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What? Lol.. Hackers Association Of Nigeria Set To Sue Tiwa Savage's Husband, Teebliz?

Wonders shall never end, so from what i hear (abi na read sef) 'Hackers Association of Nigeria is planning to sue Tiwa Savage's husband for wrong accusation. lol..and impersonation. 
Well, this is coming from a funny comment my friend made on Facebook: Read it below and laugh too.....
"Before Teebillz will convince us that hackers were responsible 4 the posts he made about his family problems I want 2 talk my own mind,i even heard that Hackers association of Nigeria lagos branch are planning to sue him 4 accusing them falsely.chai Teebillz u really disappointed me so at your age u no fit commit ordinary suicide,u came 2 social media 2 tell us that u'll kill yourself if Tiwa refuse 2 stop cheating..shame on u o that's why I like the whites they won't announce it they'll just commit d suicide and rest,now u're telling us 1st as if your suicide will bring down d price of petrol in 9ja.pls spare us your marital problems afterall when u wedded u guys left us here and went 2 Dubai 2 wed so that we the common people will not come and eat jollof,now wey u get problem u no wan carry am go Dubai abi;u fit swear sey u never cheat on Tiwa savage since u guys got married?? Ur wife cheat u carry matter come instagram na we be customary court..nonsense and ingredients!!.(oya copy and paste let's go dia)...we cannot cum n kill ourslvz for una oo.celebrities"

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