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Belle Social and Development Initiative launches M.E.T For the Girl Child as BOAN Prepares to launch…

Critics of beauty pageants have argue that such contests reinforce the idea that girls and women should be valued primarily for their physical appearance, and that this puts tremendous pressure on women to conform to conventional beauty standards. When Olayinka Edu conceived the idea of Belle of African Nations (BOAN), the aim was to put across Africa a unique pageant that does not only seek to empower African women, but to celebrate the core values of the African traditional heritage drawing inspiration from the past heroines in Africa....continue

Belle of African Nations (BOAN) is an initiative of Platinum Entertainment Nigeria. It is the first Pan-African socio-cultural Pageant that aims to identify with the unforgettable legacies of African historical heroines. As BOAN launches its maiden edition on May 1, 2016 @The Lagoon Restaurant, Lagos, the whole of Africa is ready to celebrate her heroines, and first on the list is Madame Efunroye Tinubu (M.E.T), a heroine in the midst of heroes. This embodies the first edition of BOAN.
At the project launch, there will be the launch of the book “Madame Efuronye Tinubu: Heroine in the midst of heroes, written by Olayinka .F. Edu and dedicated to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, not only because he is from the lineage of Madame Efunroye Tinubu, but in recognition for his dogged and fearless commitment to political growth in Lagos and the Nation at large.

Worthy of mention is the initiative of Belle Social and Development Initiative (BSDI) an NGO born out of BOAN, is launching the M.E.T For the Girl Child. Three (3) Million copies of the book will be given free to secondary school girls between the ages of 12 and 17. BSDI, known for supporting and championing humanitarian projects through this does not only want to encourage girls to read, but also motivate them to learn from Madame Efuronye Tinubu and strive to excel as female in a male dominated society.
Speaking ahead of the event, the visioner of BOAN, Olayinka Edu says her for the M.E.T for the Girl Child springs from the desire to empower the young Nigerian girls to not only appreciate who they are but be inspired through the knowledge of a past heroine and strive towards success. She believes that with the support from BSDI the vision will be fulfilled.

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