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I Love You Today More Than Yesterday- Mofe Duncan Romantic Words To Wife As She Celebrates Birthday

Popular TV presenter, actor cum film-maker, Mofe Duncan, is one of the happiest men on earth today and the reason behind the feeling is not far-fetched.
Mofe's beautiful wife Jennifer Duncan is a year older today and he has been longing for this day since he was a little boy to celebrate his wife's first birthday as Mrs. Duncan.
‎According to him, "I have longed for this day since I was very little and it feels so good to finally use these words in the same sentence. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING LOVELY LOVING CARING BLESSED ADORABLE BEAUTIFUL WIFE. What a joy it is... to be loved by you Mrs Jessica Ivie Mofe Duncan. Jessica Mofe Duncan. My Best Friend. I LOVE YOU TODAY... MORE THAN YESTERDAY. BUT LESS THAN TOMORROW." he captioned her lovely photo.
TV host Mofe Duncan and Jessica Nee Kakkad tied the knot on August 22, 2015.

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