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Fans Think AY Comedian Just Finished Having S3x In These Photos

Popular Comedian AY Makun has stirred some erotic thoughts in the minds of his fans by posting some pictures that might be suggesting he just finished having private moments with his wife.
The Rib-cracker shared some photos last night and captioned one 'Time to go to the beach #nightlife'.
In the photo, AY was sitting on a stair-case wearing Shorts, but the center seems wet and his fans picked on it to slam him with funny questions via the comment section.
"AY you just do finish? One fan asked. "Or did you pee on your Shorts', one other fan queried.
More hilarious comments have flooded the photo of the comedian......see more photo as you continue
What do you think, did AY pee on his Shorts or he just finished having a good time with his wify?

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