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Chai!!! Rukky Sanda Curses Shit Out Of A Fan Over Raunchy Photos

Controversial Nollywood actress cum producer, Rukky Sanda, has been caught up in exchange of words with fans on Instagram.
The obviously angry diva was triggered to reply her critics when they kept hammering at the rate at which she posts her over raunchy photos on social media.
 One of the comments hit Rukky so hard that she deleted it and ended up using the ‘F’ words on the fan who goes by the ‘Okuyija oluwayemisi semiu’..see what she wrote after the cut

“When a lame ugly ass perverted washed out dirtyass hoe like this got some dumb bum shit to say about your picture, can't help but feel pity. Usually i don’t even see this shit but when my assistant laughed & showed me this one. I had to give her few seconds of glory on my page because am lit as foc tonight.  #focstardom... #ifualameassdirtyhatefullittlemindedhoe*** #getthafocoutmypage... #ijustmightcome4urweakuglyass*** #amfarfromurusual... don’t fucking come at me*** #amreallynicemostly... but on some days i get super nice & be a bitch on your bitch ass... am not that girl fogly,”

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