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Celebrity Couple Alert! Destiny Amaka Weds Popular Actor Secretly (Photos)

It is no longer new that Cool FM OAP who also doubles as a Nollywood actress, Destiny Amaka, has always craved a destination wedding but wants it done in a very low profile. 
 Recently she shared her wedding photos on Instagram with a very lovely caption which describes her man as a ‘Mr. Good Kisser’

“In the end true love always wins. Love is a powerful force, greater than electricity fire or wind, greater than you and I. You can't force it or recreate it, you've just got to be ready n open to let it find you. Everlasting love, one that will pass the test of time, it's not their place to understand it but you & I, after all if they knew who Jesus was they would have never crucified. Had so much fun shooting it with this handsome young "professional" chap #Michael aka #MrGoodKisser. Well done bro we killed it, told a convincing story. #readbetweenthelines #actor #film #work #killedit #lovedit #cantwaitforyouguystoseewhatsnext #blessed #thankful #focused #ontrack #doingwhatilove #childofgod #superman #instamoment #africa #movement #change #greatness,” she wrote.

 However, it is obvious the actors were paired as couple for the movie THE NIGHT BEFORE on Africa magic 151, but they looked so good together that their fans keep wishing them a perfect union in reality.

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