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Shocking!!! How They Used Fr. Mbaka To Rob Me Of N97M, House- Business Woman Laments

In a bid to meet and get anointed by Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, a popular Catholic priest based in Enugu, an international businesswoman, Mrs. Vivian Amadife has been allegedly defrauded of over N97M and her house worth N35M.
She had believed that as soon as she gets to meet the priest, her life and businesses will improve and was excited when her friend of 10 years introduced her to one Dr Ohamadike, founder of Esoteric World Discovery Limited. 
She was told that Dr Ohamadike is highly spiritual that Father Mbaka found him worthy to be a friend. 
While narrating her ordeal, Vivian called on Nigerians to be wary of such persons whom she alleged defrauded her. She claimed that her desire to tell her sto­ry was as a result of several threats to her life to drop the case or die and to prevent victims from getting trapped.
“It all started sometime in 2003, when the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Dr. On­aga introduced Obageli and I at an event. Then I was building an industry in Enugu and she was producing pure water. Considering the link, I was at peace to be friends with her since I do not know anybody in Enugu State.
In business, there are bound to be ups and downs. I had so many of them and needed to bounce back. I am a spiritual per­son who believes so much that with God all things are possible. This was why I became a fan of Reverend Mbaka...continue
I told Obiageli whom I thought was a re­liable friend that one of my greatest wishes was to have an audience with Father Mbaka. I knew quite well that if he lays his hands on me, my life and businesses will never remain the same. Obiageli told me that her spiritual father, Dr Ohamadike has direct access to Fa­ther Mbaka. To further convince me, she told me that she had personally witnessed where Father Mbaka called him and they spoke for more than two hours.
For a long time, she had tried fruit­lessly to introduce me to her spiritual friend, whose nickname was Dr Ohamadike. She told me that it was the man’s prayer that made it possible that as rich as she was, kidnappers and armed robbers had never remembered her. I never took her seriously till kidnappers picked my friend’s son. Although the boy was later found, the family paid so much money. I was made to believe that it was his interven­tion that saw to the release of the boy. Before then I had parted with 1000 dollars which I was asked to pay to facilitate the prayers that will touch the heart of the kidnappers to re­lease the boy.
When I realised that his demand was becoming outrageous, I informed my friend who told me that if I don’t give money to Ohamadike that I will not experience any form of miracle. It was then that I was made to believe that Ohamadike was one of Mba­ka’s close friends and confidants. She assured me that my business which was at a dwin­dling stage will surely pick up. She told me that Ohamadike was the only one that can assist me to get quick appointment with the priest."
Continuing, she said, the supposed man of God, convinced her he was into foreign exchange which she agreed to fund and had to even contact her friend to be part of the Forex trad­ing and she invested about N16million. All the money was paid directly into the man’s Esoteric World Discovery Limited account. 
After years of deceit, Vivian alleged that she was made to part with over N100M and her house in Enugu.
When the scales fell off her eyes, she sent police men and Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) after the fraudster. 
“During the arrest, Dr Ohamadike con­fessed to the crime and said that he hired some men to pose as policemen. We also arrested his fake lawyer in the hotel. They were immediately moved to the Lagos State police com­mand headquarters in Ikeja.
At the police station, Dr Ohamadike knelt down and begged for forgiveness. He told the CP that he is a guy man (fraudster) and should be forgiven. He promised that he would pay me back my money. It was when he jumped bail that I arrested my friend, Obiageli and took her to the police special fraud unit, SFU, Milverton road. Ikoyi. One of her friends now called and begged me to release her that they will get Innocent wherever he was hiding, which he did. He was re-arrested at Abakaliki.
She pleaded with operatives of EFCC to assist her in recovering her money which was fraudulently taken from her.
She also raised the alarm that the suspects were after her life and would stop at nothing to terminate her life. “There have been so many threats to my life since I started fight­ing Dr Ohamadike and my so-called friends for defrauding me of my entire life’s savings and sweat. They have made several attempts but failed.

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