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Bad Belle' People Wants To Ruin My Marriage- Mide Martins

It has gradually become a trend for celebrities to face marriage break-up, shortly after they tie the knots. The canker worm has eaten so deep into the system of entertainers that it has become a norm.
Recently, rumour had it that the 12-year old union of actress Mide Martins had hit the brick walls, but she had refuted the reports confirming that her marriage is still as strong as Orumo Rock.
In a recent interview, she clearly stated that the speculations were the handiwork of 'bad belle' people who aims at putting asunder in her union.

"I don’t expect people to still be peddling the rumour. I have been to so many occasions with my husband. He was at the premiere too. We have been going out together. I am not separated from my husband. We live together. We are still very much married.
I have never faced challenge in my marriage. We have been married for 12 years. We have not been separated for once. They are bad belle people. I don’t know what the whole rumour is all about . I can’t imagine what brought about the rumour," she said.
The script interpreter cum movie maker also gushed about what made her marry her hubby.
"You must have a particular reason for marrying a man. I prefer to keep that to myself. But I will say, my husband stood by me when my mother passed on. Apart from God, he assisted me. I am what I am today because of his help.
I am happy with him. I am comfortable. If I am not, I wouldn’t be with him now. I am very comfortable with him," she added.

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