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LIFE IN LAGOS! Oh! My Wedding Asoebi

Lagos is the one city I am certain can take your enthusiasm from 100 to 0 and then back to 100 in one fell swoop. I discovered this last Saturday when a friend invited me to a very “upper class”, exclusive wedding.
I love weddings; I believe it’s a great time to celebrate true love and help usher the couple into a blissful married life, basically, it’s not about the guests, it’s about the two people saying “I do” before their friends and loved ones. So without hesitation I agreed to attend, I even purchased the AsoEbi....continue

On Saturday morning, I arrived my friend’s house in my AsoEbi, which was modestly sewn into a skirt and blouse, paired with my comfy heeled sandals, just in time to make the service.  As soon as she opened the door, I could see the look of disapproval on her face but I didn’t think much of it.
After an hour of sitting in the living room politely waiting for her to get ready, I angrily stormed into her bedroom and I could not believe my eyes! There was a make-up artist fully set up, a nail technician buffing away at her fingernails and her AsoEbi outfit hanging off the curtain rail like a real life wedding dress!
When I asked what on earth was going on, she explained that the days of showing up at a wedding looking average are over and that when we arrive at the venue, I would discover why. 
After another two hours of primping and fussing, she was ready; her make up rivaled any bride’s in the land! Her dress was a creation on its own and her gele was tied to perfection. Honestly, this girl could very well have been the bride.
We both stood in front of the mirror and I must say that even though I paled terribly in comparison, I couldn’t help but find her look quite excessive.
By this time, we had already missed the service and a good portion of the reception.
 When I mentioned how late we were, she laughed and asked me if I thought she paid for one of the best make-up artists in Lagos to “beat” her face to perfection as well as shell out a hefty sum for her dress only to arrive early? With all the effort she had put in, she was determined to make an entrance.
Ha! Entrance? Is it your wedding? I wanted to shake this girl silly but I kept my cool.
Off we went to the reception and as we walked in, I finally understood what she had been talking about. Every young lady at this party was looking professionally made up, decked in their exquisite versions of the asoebi with dangerously high heels!
For the first time, I started to feel insecure. All of a sudden, my lipstick wasn’t “red” enough, my eye shadow wasn’t “smokey” enough, my face wasn’t “contoured” enough, my outfit was not bedazzled or revealing enough, my high heels were nowhere near the sky scrapers these girls were mounted on!
Thank God the bride was already hitched because with girls like these, unsuspecting single girls did not stand a chance at meeting anyone.
The wedding party carried on and by the next hour, most of the girls could hardly stand in their heels. I, on the other hand was able to stand and dance all night long in my comfy shoes while maintaining some height and in the end, it didn’t seem so bad. I mean, my make up wasn’t caking on my face, my feet didn’t hurt, I could eat and drink all I wanted without worrying about bursting out of a waist trainer! Now that is what I call a grand ol’ time!

By Bunmi Ajakaiye

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