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SEXtasy with Chichi: How To Find Her Almighty G-spot (18+)

Do you know that there are certain spots in a man and woman’s body that stir up instant urge for s*x when someone romantically touches them either intentionally or unintentionally?

It's a general knowledge that men are excited and aroused sexually by what they see while their female counterparts are not easily aroused. 

Before one could 'move' an average lady s*xually, he has to put in his best efforts, tickling her at the right places ; her soft spots. 

It could be her nipples, her ears, her ribs, her toes, or even her fingers. 

Hey! Don’t pretend you don’t know about the finger and toe tickling.

 To be more practical; when a man stretches out his hand to shake a lady he deems attractive and the pretty girl accepts the hand contact, in the course of the hand shake, the winking man would tickle the lady's palm indicating his interest in her. If she's willing to play ball (you know what I mean), she would reciprocate the tickle with an inviting smile.
Aside that, there are ladies who like their toes tickled and licked in a bid to get wet and ready for action. Others can hardly stand a romantic whisper in their ears.

Ears are very sensitive sexual part of the body. In a normal circumstance, when someone gets close to your ear(s) in an attempt to whisper a gossip, it triggers off an electrical tickles and feelings and if care is not taken you would push the person away before he/she passes the gist.

 Then when cleaning your ears with cotton bud, the pleasure you derive when you insert it into your ears is unexplainable. It is better experienced than described. Sometimes you don't want to stop at just one bud; you keep on thrusting in and out of your ears with eyes closed.

Some ladies actually find it very difficult to respond to sexual advances (especially those who were so unlucky to go through the cruel torture of their village traditionalist, those whose clitoris were crudely chopped off in the name of circumcision). However, when they finally pick up, they act more than their male partners.

To arouse such women, the man has to centralize on her erogenous zones. Women who are understanding and co-operative enough reveal their soft spots to their partners

Nevertheless, if she didn’t deem it necessary to make you familiar with her weak points, then she also has a good reason for that.

Romantically, it is the sole duty of the guy to detect his babe's soft spots. It’s more fun and exciting as the search continues.
Women who are on that school of thoughts argued that if you reveal all your soft spots to your guy, you have indirectly killed part of the fun you were meant to enjoy. Also he can even use it as an advantage against you; whenever his sugar stick 'rises to occasion', he knows where to tickles his partner and she would willingly submit herself to be 'canned'.
Women in general have different perception of sex, so does their attitude and response to the procreative act. Some believe sex was initiated solely for baby making and nothing more. So they 'fire' each time they want to make babies, once they are pregnant the firing would be suspended until further notice.

Funny enough, couples who 'fire' to procreate would find themselves adopting the archaic missionary position style (papa on top mama style). 

They conclude that every other style is worldly and thus should not be practiced. I pity women with such ideology, because they don’t know what they are missing.

In the changes of styles, pace and rhythm of the hard thrust lies the excitement and fun in the behind-closed-door 'battle'.

I would willingly give guys out there few tips on how to detect their partner’s soft spots. If you are naturally romantic, then it would be an easy job for you.

Play with her more often, try to whisper how much you love her in her ears and watch her reactions. Volunteer to help her to trim her nails and in the process, try to tickle her underfoot and quietly observe her reactions. 

When relaxing, let her place her head on your laps while you stroke her hair gently with your fingers. 

Some ladies are easily aroused when their hairs are gently stroked by the opposite sex. These are just the preambles before the main 'show'.

When the show is on or about to kick off, concentrates on her clit and nipples. Caress her clit with one hand while the other hand is permanently placed on her boobs; fondle and squeeze a bit hard. I can also tell that few ladies like their butts smacked steadily when the pace of the thrust is fast. Try it once and watch out for the expression in her face, if she smiles, then she likes it. Give her more of the smacking.

Men on their side are mainly aroused by sight, what they see; then gentle touches on some part of their body sets them on fire and ready to 'ride on'. Places like their hard nipples, ears, ribs, and below the belt. The major spot that triggers off excitement and urge to 'get down' in guys is their third leg. I mean the action kit.

Once a lady gently loose a guy’s one-eyed snake from his boxers and slowly stroke it for a while before seductively inserting it into her mouth, the guy in question would be half way to heaven’s gate.

Some guy's John Thomas has no respect for environment or the personality of its owner. It rises and jumps up happily whenever it sees a beautiful woman that catches its fantasy, hence, most times, their little man ends up embarrassing them publicly.

S*x is more pleasurable when there’s lengthy foreplay. To achieve that wonderful feeling of satisfaction, one has to know the soft spots of his/her partner, and then capitalize on it to get to cloud nine......See you next Saturday.

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